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Time, he whispered

There he tucked in the blanket.
“It’s good to see you,” he said, “look
what time did to us.”

What time did,
To us as confusing souls drifting in a place
of strangers.
To us as longing creatures
looking for the missing half to hold.
To us as stronger wills to thrive through a million
nuances and debacles.

But time is no other things.
“Remember that notebook? We have our agenda of taking over
the world.”
“With a headquarter and bunker beds.”
“You kick me in the head.”
Us, before time, before time.

Here we are, look, the universe bends.
As if lying in a forest,
naked, and stars dance and sway.
Down the memory lane, we feel it, happened somewhere
but nowhere, but here.
Time, he said.
Time, he whispered.